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Nathiya Prathnadi

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about *emera - the story

A few years ago, a young designer got into photography. Hardly unusual, this happens every day.  Yet this story doesn’t happen every day.

Designer Nathiya learned how to use a camera to do product shots for her jewelry business, Pineapple Seed, and mastered the task in no time. Then another hardly unusual thing happened – she got the camera bug. Nathiya began toting her DSLR with her so she could practice, shooting whatever interested her.  Flowers, food, leaves,  the endless wonderful people and places she observed every day. Problem was, she didn’t want to be obvious about having a big camera. It made people uncomfortable. She stashed the camera stuff in her purse.  Bad idea.  Messy.  And not safe for all that pricey equipment.

Surely Nathiya could find a professional camera bag that didn’t look like a big bulky black box.  Yet when her search disappointed, she made her own camera bag. With a background in product development and a FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) degree, she had the confidence and knowhow to tackle it. For manufacturing connections, she trusted her contacts in the trade and was recommended to the best places. She was in business.

The reception has been amazing. Women love their *emera camera totes because they’re tough, yet chic, right down to their little silver feet.  They’re also customizable. Loaded with seven padded compartments and lots of special features, these stylish bags hold and protect expensive equipment – DSLR , several lenses,  a laptop, cords and power supply gear, plus magazines, wallet, and a few more goodies.  An *emera bag is also user friendly and keeps its contents accessible – no fumbling and foraging.  Inside is a netted zip-pocket for memory cards and small essentials.  Outside pockets at each end are ideal for smartphones, keys, ID badges and energy bars.

Well designed, well constructed and well loved, *emera totes are now carried by talented photographers around the world.

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Photos by:
Cindy Loughridge
Seth Restaino
Nathiya Prahnadi

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